Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ford Mondeo and Voice Recognition Technology

I don’t know about you, but we have always dreamed that one day, just maybe there would be some kind of technology available in the future where we could tell our car to do something, no matter how impractical or distracting and it would not only know what we commanded, but would also do it, a bit like Batman in his Batmobile, or Knight Rider in his car, Kitt.
The Hoff in action with Kitt
Well the Ford Mondeo has brought you a car that does just that. There is no shouting involved, no need to change your voice and no need to yell at the car in angst thinking that you are talking in a foreign language because it doesn’t understand your accent or dialect.The Ford Mondeo voice recognition technology only requires you to talk clearly in your normal voice, no shouting needed.
Ford has worked with Microsoft in order to employ this new technology into the Mondeo. By commanding your Mondeo to “help” for example, you will be responded to with a series of commands that you can use to give your car commands. Some of these include the ability to control the:
·         Bluetooth Phone (it will read out text messages and emails for you, however you  can’t reply without using the keypad)
·         Radio
·         CD Player/CD Changer
·         Ipod (External USB Device)
·         USB External Device
·         Automatic Climate Control
·         Navigation System (DVD units only)
This new system has been designed in order to still allow drivers to talk, play and listen on the move, but without having to use their hands. Although you could say that this will improve road safety, we argue that actually concentrating on the road without any distractions (such as the above distractions) will also improve road safety enormously... Even if having voice recognition as a feature in your car does make you feel a bit like Batman, please watch the road and keep your concentration...

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